Toilet Trailer Shells

Toilet Trailer Shells

If you have your own design in mind or you are looking to save a few quid, the New World Toilets range of shells offers a blank canvas for you to bring to life with your unique ideas.

Designed and built from the ground up, our units offer superior strength and towing characteristics. The combined galvanised steel chassis and tank create a strong and rigid base for the unit taking all stresses and strains away from the body

High quality GRP body panels, available in various colours, create a great starting point for kitting out your own unit. Our Toilet trailer shells use three lines of defence for sealing the roof and walls against leaks, making them as water tight as possible.

A separate door gives access to the service bay giving easy access for on-site maintenance.

Our full European approval (ECWVTA) means that while we have a standard range of models, we are able to produce toilet trailer shells to any size you require from 10’ to 23’ long and 6’ to 8’2’’ wide, with various internal panel layouts.

Standard range of toilet trailer shells


  • Body size – 10’ x 6’
  • Gross weight – 2000kg
  • Wheels and tyres – 155/80 R13
  • Layout – 1 + 1
  • Tank size – approx


  • Body size – 14’ x 6’
  • Gross weight – 2600kg
  • Wheels and tyres – 165 R13
  • Layout – 4 bay
  • Tank size – approx.


  • Body size – 18’ x 7’6’’
  • Gross weight – 3500kg
  • Wheels and tyres – 185/70 R13
  • Layout – 3 + 1
  • Tank size – approx.




  • Body size – 20’ x 7’6’’
  • Gross weight – 3500kg
  • Wheels and tyres – 185/70 R13
  • Layout – 4 + 2
  • Tank size – approx.


  • Galvanised steel chassis with integral steel tank
  • Twin full beam axle with rubber compression suspension system
  • Full LED lighting
  • Durable phenolic plywood flooring
  • High quality gloss GRP panels in a variety of colours
  • Triple sealed against water leaks
  • Anodised aluminium capping for a better appearance and greater scratch resistance
  • Separate door and service bay for easy and accessible on-site trailer maintenance
  • 3” brass gate valve on waste outlet
  • All shells come complete with aluminium steps, with stainless steel brackets and aluminium

handrails. Brackets can be fitted to transport steps over the trailer drawbar

  • Full European (ECWVTA) approval