Platform Trailers

Bespoke built engineered transport units, which are built to the individual requirements of the customer to suit their industry. Suitable for onsite movement of heavy, or bulky items.

These units can be supplied on solid rubber or pneumatic tyres and can be braked or unbraked. To date, the largest unit produced is 12.8 metres (42′) long, at a gross weight of 12,000kg. The heaviest has a gross weight of 20,000kg.
Platform trailers are all different so please get in contact to let us know what you require. The following are just a small sample of trailers supplied in the past.

platform-trailer-150015,000kg gross weight platform trailer

This 15,000kg gross weight (3000 x 2400mm bed) unit was built in conjunction with a 10,000kg unit for a local valve manufacturer. They were experiencing problems when moving large castings and fabrications around the factory and into the x-ray department. The units were designed and built to alleviate this problem.
Both are fitted with hydraulic brakes to cope with the weight. The tow truck used didn’t offer a braking system for the platform, so working in conjunction with a local hydraulic company, we were able to offer a braking package for the towing vehicle for increased safety.

platform-trailer-10007,000kg gross weight platform trailer

The unit shown here was built to meet the needs of a company in Newcastle. Initially, it started out as a 3000kg unit, but as the project progressed, more capacity was required taking it to 7000kg gross weight. A low bed height was produced, to allow access to the equipment being carried. The unit was exported to Africa.

platform-trailer-1000010,000kg gross weight platform trailer

This 10,000kg gross weight, 32′ platform trolley, was built to move large, pre-fabricated buildings around our customer’s yard. It uses a ladder framework chassis to give a strong yet light weight structure. The turntable at the front is restricted to a 45 degree turn to keep the unit stable over rough ground. The unit has increased our customer’s productivity while making movement of the buildings a much safer operation.
To date, the largest unit of this style is 42′, with a 12,000kg gross to carry a navy canteen capable of housing 50 men at a time.

platform-trailer-2000020,000kg gross weight platform trailer

This compact (3000 x 1500mm bed) 20,000kg gross weight platform was produced to remove a safety problem. It was created to carry injection moulds for a company supplying car parts. The unit acheived this goal by allowing faster, safer removal and fitting of the moulds to the relevant machines.


10,000kg gross weight platform trailer

The platform trolley pictured (4000 x 2000mm bed) has a 10,000kg gross weight and is an example of the close collaboration between the customer and the design staff at Taylor’s Trailers. The unit has been designed for the transportation of oil centrifuges. The steelwork on the top of the body holds wooden saddles which support the centrifuge in the necessary position. A spare unit was held on the trailer until the centrifuge in use needed servicing. The two units were swapped over to keep down time to a minimum.