Mr Mobile Trailers

MrMobileTaylor’s Trailers Ltd. was set up over 30 years ago to provide specialist, custom designed and built trailers to the agricultural sector.
Since then other sectors, such as the plant,construction and leisure industries have recognised the advantages of the unique insight that Taylor’s Trailers could offer in meeting the needs of individual requirements.

A small selection of typical trailers we produce are given below. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Mini Excavator Trailers

Robust and reliable, they offer a flexible product for the transport of a variety of plant and other machinery . The extra long drawbar allows ample space for the location of, excavator buckets, tool boxes and other ancillaries.The integral steel mudguards can readily support the weight of operators, so important during loading and unloading in a tight space. Custom features have included extra floor support, expanded walkway mesh, special clamping arrangements, single or adjustable twin tailgates.

Flat Bed Trailers

Designed and manufactured for transporting a variety of goods and equipment, these robust trailers can be supplied with three axles to give even greater stability. Sides, if required, are drop down and removable and can be steel or aluminium. Ramps with storage, tilt mechanisms and other accessories are available.

Platform Trolleys

These extremely heavy duty trolleys are produced to transport products and equipment at industrial sites

Box Trailers

We offer an extensive range of box trailers. For full details please contact us directly.