Mini Excavator Trailers

mini-exc1webRobust and reliable, our range of plant trailers offer a flexible product for the transport of a variety of plant and other machinery.

The extra long drawbar allows ample space for the location of excavator buckets, tool boxes and other ancillaries. The integral steel mudguards can readily support the weight of operators; so important during loading and unloading in a tight space.
Our Mini Excavator trailers come with longitudinal floor supports, meaning they are set up for the transportation of twin drum rollers with the steel supports strengthening the floor.
The 3500kg trailer comes with twin ramp tailgates and the 2600kg model has a full width ramp as standard, but this can be altered to meet your needs.

Standard Specification Mini Excavator Trailer

  • 2600kg – 3500kg gross capacity
  • 2070kg – 2750kg payload
  • Sheet steel side construction
  • Phenolic plywood floor
  • Ramps incorporating self positioning prop stands
  • Extended A-frame drawbar incorporating bucket rest
  • Full road legal lighting
  • Body fully galvanized after welding
  • High quality running gear
  • Both models are also suitable for transporting twin drum rollers

Custom Models
Bulk purchases of materials make the above ‘standard’ trailers very economical. However, we are pleased to provide a wide range of alternative formats if required. Please contact us to discuss details.